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El Dia de los Niños celebrates with a hug and a story

LatinaLista — Today, throughout South America and the United States is a very special day. It’s El Dia de los Niños or Children’s Day.

South of the border this day is taken very seriously if the local newspapers are any proof. For example, at Mexico City’s El Universal newspaper, in addition to a separate site dedicated to children, the children are also given the opportunity to deliver their own special newscast. It’s actually a very interesting and, at times, serious newscast with the lead story being all about the los niños de las calles or street children.
In the United States, El Dia de los Niños has a little twist to it. In addition to celebrating children and making them feel special like they did in Chicago with a special children’s parade and in other cities across the country with family-fun activities, the US version of the day has come to mean reading to our children.
El Dia de los niños/El Dia de los libros was actually started by author Pat Mora back in 1996. Today, through her efforts, libraries in over 39 states celebrate this day with children and families in sharing, what Pat likes to call, “bookjoy.”
Special programs and readings are conducted in honor of this day with the main goal being to promote reading to children and among families.
Have you shared a story with a child today?

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