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Spanish-language blog goes English for coverage of Tejano music convention

LatinaLista — Mention the name Selena, and still 13 years after her tragic murder her name is recognizable and synonymous with the genre she helped elevate to Grammy heights — Tejano music.
Tejano, with its mix of accordian, guitar, saxophone and trumpet, is the signature music of Texas’ early Latino residents. It has evolved into a music genre uniquely Texas.
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And Texas being a big state with a lot of Tejano music fans, it’s only fitting that the National Tejano Music Convention be brought back to Texas after spending the past few years in Las Vegas.
This year, the convention is in Dallas, Texas from today, August 15-17. Organizers expect over 10,000 fans to descend on Dallas for three days of everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-Tejano-music-y-más. Sessions for Friday and Saturday are devoted to the history and current state of the Tejano music industry, as well as, lessons on how to dance cumbia and polka. Both nights are capped off with “mega Tejano dances” lasting till after midnight and featuring well-known and legendary Tejano music artists.
If you’re thinking that’s great but I can’t be there to enjoy it, you’re wrong!
Word has come that the event will be live blogged featuring video and pictures. What’s unique about the live blog is that it will be in English at a Spanish-language site.
Dallas’ Spanish-language daily Al Dia’s music blog will be handed over for the weekend for the express purpose of letting fans of Tejano music know what is happening at the convention — but in English.
To check out the Tejano National Convention, click over to Loca por la Musica blog and enjoy some foot-shuffling, body-twirling music blogging!

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