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Why ICE’s self-deport program is a bust

LatinaLista — A new federal program dubbed Scheduled Departure calls on undocumented immigrants to self-deport. It’s not a new idea or a very good one, but it may be the reality check the government needs to see the immigration issue in a new light.
Back when Comprehensive Immigration Reform or CIR was in the throes of being tossed, turned and twisted by Congressional legislators to make it fit everyone’s idea of a perfect remedy, it wasn’t surprising that the final result looked more like a bad dream waiting to happen than a real solution.
Since then, many have voiced their concern about the future of CIR. In fact, GOP Colorado Senate candidate Bob Schaffer recently stated he believes it will take decades to deal with the issue.
“The strategy that was tried last year of trying to pass one bill that was going to fix everything, it’s not practical. Schaffer said. “It’s not going to happen. You have to compromise on every single section of the bill to the point where you’re going to get a mediocre attempt at a solution.”
One such mediocre idea that floated around at the time of the CIR debate dealt with having undocumented immigrants self-deport. When it was first proposed, the idea seemed too ludicrous to be taken seriously. However, the idea has taken root at the federal level where Washington is finally getting the reality check it needs when it comes to the immigration issue.
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  • Kathleen
    August 15, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    Hi! I’m a blogger and a Republican. I have a great deal of respect for illegal and legal immigrants. I have helped someone who worked for me to get her citizenship. I have decried many of my fellow Republicans for making anti-illegal immigration into alienating Hispanics.
    I wrote about here:
    And here:
    We may not be on the exact same page, but I think we both care a great deal about the Hispanic community.

  • KS
    August 17, 2008 at 9:48 am

    People go to extraordinary lengths and immeasurable hardships to get INTO the United States in any way they can. They are not then going to turn around and self-deport. The government is crazy to think they will use this program.

  • Frank
    August 17, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    They will self-deport if the freebies are cut off, the 14th Amendment re-interpreted and the e-verify system mandated in the workplace.

  • Evelyn
    August 18, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    Frank said :
    They will self-deport if the freebies are cut off, the 14th Amendment re-interpreted and the e-verify system mandated in the workplace.
    You might have a problem with the re- interpreted 14th Amendment.
    The Arizona Republic
    Jan.6 2008 12 AM
    And Your Grandmomma Too!…
    The debate over immigration shows no sign of cooling down as the 2008 legislative session begins. State Rep. Russel Pierce R-What part of ‘illegal’ dont you understand, has already announced his intention to challenge the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which states that children born on U.S. soil are citizens.
    If that happens, Rep. Steve Farley D-What part of the Constitution dont you understand, is ready. Farley argues that if Pierce’s argument holds, it should be applied to all folks here in the U.S., not just newborns. That means you’d better be ready to produce proof of citizenship of your forebears-, if not, pack your bags, it’s back to the mother country. He acknowledges that would probably reduce the U.S. population to those of Native American heritage.
    At last check, Farley was seeking out Rep. Albert Tom,D-My ancestors have been here sence time began, for possible sponsorship of such a bill. Tom is a Navajo.

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