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ACLU launches multimedia Arizona travel alert campaign

LatinaLista — Unfortunately, travel alerts have become all too common when it comes to traveling outside the United States. But inside the country?


For immigrant and Latino travelers who just have to see the Grand Canyon or visit a spa in Sedona, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and 32 of its affiliates across the country are issuing travel alerts as a way to inform travelers what their rights are in case they get stopped by Arizona law enforcement because of the new bill, SB 1070, due to go into effect at the end of July.

The ACLU is taking the know-your-rights campaign multimedia and high-tech.

For starters, a handy reference card explaining what to do during a traffic stop or questioning by law or federal officers is downloadable for printing to tuck in a pocket.


Also, a video and slideshow are available on the ACLU website to further explain what is happening in Arizona. And if that wasn’t enough, a mobile app has also been created for handy reference.

Thanks to the ACLU information, one of the least known rights that everyone has is:

Regardless of your immigration or citizenship status, you have constitutional rights.

That’s a concept foreign to many U.S. citizens who also think the term “America” only applies to the United States.

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