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Communities can now keep track of how many residents return U.S. Census

LatinaLista — When it comes to the 2010 Census, it’s safe to say that no stone has been left unturned, or more accurately, no interactive media venue has been left unused to get the message out about the importance of filling out the U.S. Census.

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From their Facebook page, which at last count had over 19,000 fans, to their Twitter site, a little over 3,500 followers, YouTube and Flickr sites, the U.S. Census Bureau is using social media to the hilt.

Now, to top off their efforts, they’ve partnered with GOOGLE to create “Take 10 Map,” a map in real-time that keeps count of how many households in a given area/state have sent back their Census forms.

The agency reports that in 2000 there was a 72 percent return rate. Obviously, it’s a number to be beaten.

As of March 23, 2010, the national participation rate stands at 13 percent. There are two cities that tie for the biggest return rate so far (72 percent): Leighton City, Iowa and Nora village, Nebraska. Puerto Rico is registering a 27 percent return rate so far. That’s higher than Florida that has only registered 1 percent.

But while it’s still early, it’s only a couple weeks until April 1. No, not April Fool’s Day. Rather, it’s the day officially known as Census Day, and the day that those who love living in the United States should do their civic duty to fill out and return the 10-question questionnaire.

It literally only takes 10 minutes!

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