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New report highlights best practices to reach Latinos via text message campaigns — A recent study from Scarborough Research outlined how Latinos love their cell phones. In fact, for many low-income Latinos, buying a smart phone is considered a first computer purchase.

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According to the study, “sixty-four percent of Hispanics with a mobile phone use it to text message, compared to 56% of all mobile users, and Hispanics are also more likely to download or listen to music on a wireless device (22 % vs. 15%), play games (19% vs. 15%), and access social networks (12% vs. 10%).”

These stats have long been music to the ears of marketers, advertisers and any business wanting to reach out to Latino consumers via mobile technology. Now, a new report documents how one campaign used cell phones to mobilize Latinos in the fight for immigration reform, and the phenomenal success of it.

Reform Immigration with your Cell Phone: How the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign recruited 150,000 subscribers and generated 350,000 calls through text messaging is a lengthy title for a campaign that depended on succinct messaging to build support.

The report reveals that when it comes to reaching people text messages are more efficient than e-mails. The campaign’s organizers share how they evolved their marketing from 300-word e-mails to 160-character text messages. In the process, they devised the ideal text message structure that combines all the elements together to convey the precise message to supporters.

While the report goes into great depth as to how to target a text message, interact with people receiving that message and how to incorporate other off-line elements to round out a campaign, the information not only serves as a primer for marketers and non-profits on how to create the most effective campaign, but it’s for anyone who wants to reach the greatest number of people through the handiest device on the planet.

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