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One woman uses the power of blogs and social media to create Latino virtual book tours

LatinaLista — In many ways, the publishing industry has been like the proverbial canary in the mines. Long before the economy started tanking, publishers, from newspapers to books, noticed that people were changing their reading habits and becoming more frugal with their dollars.


While it wasn’t good news for publishers, it was even worse news for book authors — especially Latina/o authors. Already marginalized in the mainstream book publishing industry, Latina/o authors found that when it came to promoting their books they couldn’t look to their publishing houses to do much, if anything at all.

One woman noticed this.

Her name is Jo Ann Hernández and when she’s not reviewing books for Latina Lista or writing her own novels or blogging on her own site, she has always been advising other Latina/o authors how to promote themselves. Now, she’s created a special site just to help those same authors launch their careers — starting in cyberspace.

BronzeWord Latino Virtual Book Tours is a one-stop shop for authors who want to reach the Latino market. The way the virtual book tours work is Jo Ann and her staff contact various Latino bloggers about hosting a virtual book tour on their site with a particular author. The author makes a commitment to visit those blogs during the scheduled times and interact with the blogger and their readers.

In addition, Jo Ann and her staff provide media services for authors — everything from creating audio interviews, video book trailers and teasers to still photography book trailers.

The site also provides book lovers with news of where the latest book tours can be found and who are the next Latina/o authors on the horizon.

While the tours and media services are not free, the price is small when compared to the sales potential that can be generated, not to mention, the market reach among Latinos.

As Jo Ann said, “No one can “shout out” like Latino/as.

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  • Jo Ann Hernandez
    December 17, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Marisa, Thank you so much for your support and ‘shout out’ about the BronzeWord Latino Book Tours. We’re working hard to open as many doors of opportunity for Latino/a authors.
    I want to give credit and Nilki Benitez Communications is the person offering the media advantages. She created a book trailer for my book, “The Throwaway Piece” and posted on the website. It’s sensational. She’s one to watch. She’s going places.
    Thank you for being the pioneer and inspiration so I knew I could go for it too.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord Latino Book Tours

  • Nilki Benitez
    December 17, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    It has been such a joy to partner with Jo Ann Hernandez and Latino Book Tours with her mission in “Championing the Excellence and Diversity of Latino Literature.”
    I’m very proud to be associated with this movement.
    I met Jo Ann when I became a blog host for Latino Book Tours and the wealth of people I have met and relationships I have forged through the Latino Book Tours are incredible!
    Thanks to Latina Lista for highlighting Jo Ann’s tireless work on behalf of authors!

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