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Virtual Student Foreign Service program has cool potential

LatinaLista — It seems at every chance the Obama administration builds upon the two strengths it had going for itself during the presidential campaign — youth and technology.
The latest initiative that targets these two areas is an innovative new program through the U.S. Department of State entitled Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSF).

Announced recently by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a commencement speech at New York University, VSF is still in the planning stages as to how it will exactly work but what is for sure is that it will be a program pairing college students with US foreign embassies “to practice digital diplomacy” — still not sure what that means but the potential is cool, no?
One other sure cool factor is that the initiative has its own Facebook page already.
At the very least, it doesn’t hurt to fill out the sign-up page to receive more information as it becomes available.
For anyone who dreams of traveling the world, even if it’s only virtual, and doing some good in the process, this may be a program to check out once it gets put together.
Who knows what other opportunities could come of it?

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