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Free bilingual webinar series gives Latino parents and students college tips and advice

LatinaLista — Students and parents can never receive enough information about college. In this economy, where time and time again, it’s apparent that only those with college degrees or certifications can make it in this changing job market, the right information about the college process is vital.

This week at the national LULAC convention being held in Orlando, FL is the first in a four-part series of free educational webinars titled Latinos Rumbo al College . Co-spsonsored by McDonald’s, Latinos in College (LIC), and LULAC’s National Educational Service Centers (LNESC), the webinars will be in both Spanish and English.

On Friday, July 29, at 10:30 a.m. EST/7:30 a.m. PST., author, career and education expert Mariela Dabbah will lead a discussion focusing on “College is Possible.” 2009 RMHC/HACER National Scholarship recipient, Luis Duran and his parents will join Dabbah as they discuss ways to motivate parents and students to get on the college track.

The webinar will provide examples of people who went to college despite the challenges they encountered, i.e. financial difficulty, lack of family college knowledge, as well as encourage students to surround themselves with other college oriented students to keep them on the right path.

Though the webinars are free, a one-time registration is required to watch all four episodes in the series:

September 5th
4:00 p.m. PT/ 7:00 p.m. ET
Topic: Acing Scholarship Applications
Acing Scholarship Applications involves a discussion about grades, test scores, involvement with extracurricular activities, and writing a personal essay. Participants will learn tips on searching for college scholarships, i.e. websites, internet search words, and receive information about the RMHC/HACER scholarship program. Participants will also learn tips on writing a solid essay that is sure to impress the judges.

October 3rd
4:00 p.m. PT/ 7:00 p.m. ET
Topic: Finding Mentors and Building a Support System
This webinar will focus on the importance of having a mentor while still in high school, how to identify the right mentor and the role that a he/she can have in guiding students through the college process.

November 7th
4:00 p.m. PT/ 7:00 p.m. ET
Topic: Mastering the College Application Process
This webinar will help participants understand the current college admission process and what is requested of students who apply for college admission, i.e. high school transcripts, standardized test scores, college essays, transcripts and letters of recommendation, etc.

The webinar series can be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #RumboalCollege.

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