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Virtual summit empowers women to make an impact on the world

LatinaLista — Wherever we look around the world, and even in our own backyards, we see women are taking bolder stands — running for political office, challenging social injustice or human rights abuses, leading coalitions, communities and governments.


Some say the world is on the cusp of a new era that is rebalancing today’s culture with feminine qualities and leadership. Who knows? Yet, what is known is that more and more women are waking up to their own potential and are only looking for inspiration and guidance to fully realize who they are.

One source to help women on this road of self-discovery takes place online this week at the second annual Inspiring Women Summit. Forty empowered women are brought together to share their talents, expertise and advice on topics such as:

  • Discovering how to bring your big dreams into manifestation
  • Learning the steps to becoming an inspiring woman leader in a masculine culture
  • Getting the secrets of success from other amazing women
  • Connecting with other inspiring women from around the globe

The entire summit is virtual — either via phone or webcast — and is free to the public. Since it’s a global affair and people are tuning in/calling at all times of the day, each presentation is recorded for later viewing or hearing.

To participate in the summit, free registration is available. The summit ends May 13, 2011.

As each one of us liberates more of our gifts, we can have the juicy, joyful life we know we’re meant to live. We can ALSO powerfully help our culture re-balance itself as we then create a more harmonious relationship with the earth and with one other. Our goal with the Summit is to empower each one of you to take a stand for what we are co-creating together.

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