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Voces Unidas builds up Hispanic voices to create articulate leaders

LatinaLista — Sometime in our lives, we will have to speak before a group of people. For most of us, the idea of trying to sound intelligent while hundreds of eyes are sizing us up and down can be a little intimidating.
Yet, a group in Los Angeles has created their own branch of the famous Toastmasters International program and are helping Latinos gain confidence in creating intelligent speeches. But most importantly, the group helps one another deliver those speeches with polish and ease, and in turn, is helping to create articulate community leaders.
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The group, Voces Latinas Toastmasters, provides a support group for los hombres y las mujeres who want to improve their communication skills to achieve bigger things in life and/or their communities.
According to the group’s officers, it’s the S-A-B-O-R of the group that makes it so special and the recipient of several awards, most notably the President’s Distinguished Club award.
The good news is that this group can be replicated anywhere.

According to Laura De Anda, Voces Latinas President, “Voces Latinas Toastmasters concept can be duplicated across the nation, across the world. This can be done with a minimum of 20 interested people in a company and/or a community.”
Voces Latinas has garnered a lot of recognition for its efforts and has seen several of its members achieve their personal goals.
To help more communities achieve the same, De Anda recommends checking out the Toastmasters International web site for instructions on how to start your own Latina Voces group.
As we’ve seen in this media-driven mundo, the better you are at expressing yourself with intelligence and polish, the clearer the message.

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