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Latina actress Rosario Dawson stars in new web-based NBC series

LatinaLista — While some of us are waiting for the fall start of our favorite network TV shows, after the drought in programming since last year’s writer’s strike, there’s news that we won’t have to wait till September for at least one new network show.
Gemini Division starts August 18 but it won’t be on television — it will be on the web.
NBC is partnering with Electric Farm Entertainment for the sci-fi web series starring Rosario Dawson as New York City detective Anna Diaz.
The show’s producers like to say that the show is set 5 minutes into the future and it’s about how Dawson’s character falls for a guy too-good-to-be-true — who turns out to be exactly that. The series’ storyline centers on how the government has created “simulant soldiers” to fight the war in Iraq.
After successfully fighting, 217 of these “biologically fabricated” soldiers go AWOL and NATO creates a classified task force called Gemini Division to track the rogue soldiers down and kill them off.
To complicate things, you guessed it, Dawson’s character falls in love with one of the simulants.
The series will only be seen on the NBC website, unless of course it develops a fan-following who clamor for it to be on traditional TV (the secret wish of every web producer).
But in the meantime,we will have to be satisfied to watch a strong Latina character flex her muscles in a virtual world on a desktop screen.

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