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New website highlights opportunities in Hispanic-growing southeast Austin

La Voz de Austin

AUSTIN — It’s an area of town cited as one of the fastest-growing communities of Austin with the largest populated zip codes and a burgeoning Hispanic population. But only three out of 10 Austinites when surveyed are familiar with the southeast side or have ever visited the area.

A new bi-weekly web magazine is hoping to reverse this trend. will debut in April to give readers a snapshot of one of the most diverse areas in the city and provide ways to get more involved in helping the community.

The magazine will feature the everyday faces of Southeast Austin residents and leaders who are working to increase education, health, technology, and business capacity in an area that is home to 85,000+ people. is founded by Oné Musel-Gilley, a local marketing/PR strategist and social entrepreneur who’s been volunteering in southeast Austin for 15 years. She is the marketing/PR ambassador of River City Youth Foundation, a 27-year old award-winning organization based in southeast Austin’s Dove Springs, founded by her mother, Mona Gonzalez, another longtime community champion.

Together they’ve worked through the years to help thousands of youth and families in southeast Austin get an education, learn workforce skills, and improve their community.

“Southeast Austin has its challenges, but there are great pockets of opportunity,” said Musel-Gilley.

“I felt it was time to start increasing awareness with a different set of tools and strategies to help draw the needed resources and help for the area.” Musel-Gilley is also the co-producer of, the nation’s largest Spanish language educational event which started in Austin five years ago by CommuniCard and has expanded nationally.

For more information or to send news, email Be sure to check out the new in early April!

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