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30-4-30 Latino Leaders Podcast: Andrew Arana

Hispanic News Online

The 12th episode of Hispanic News Online's 30-4-30 Latino Leaders Podcast series features Andrew Arana.

Andrew Arana is an American-born Honduran native who relocated to Mississippi courtesy of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

Arana is a Mississippi College alumn and an active advocate for the rights and socio-economic development of the Hispanic population. He is passionate about the education and human rights of Latinos in the United States.

Andrew has recently expanded his linguistic engineering business, Synergistic Communications (SynCom) to focus on the Synergy, Energy and Vision for the Hispanic population and bridging the gap between government agencies and latinos through virtual and interpersonal communication.

SynCom was developed to be that bridge of communication in Education, Health Care and Human Rights for the Hispanic population.



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