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New service targeting Latino market puts twist on cyber shout-outs

LatinaLista — We all know social media has had the same impact on society as did the invention of the printing press. For the first time since the printing press’ invention, news (of any sort) reaches people regardless of geography, time of day and even language. For the end-user, social media is a godsend in discovering news of events, products, studies, polls, etc — not so much for the person trying to get the word out.

While social media makes it easier to reach people, the fact is our personal online networks contribute to segregating the overall social media experience.

What does this mean?

It means that people who have news to share must send a plethora of emails to a laundry list of different blogs and websites with the hope that just one of those sites will get their message out to the people they are targeting.

I know, because over the years I’ve received my fair share of press releases, requests to pass along information and various announcements targeting Latinos. Most of the time these emails meet our editorial criteria but there are times that while the news would be of interest to people, it just wouldn’t be something I would either publish or have the time to write up.

I’ve always thought wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop social media destination that was targeted specifically to reach Latinos.


Several weeks ago, the parent company of Latina Lista, Treviño TodaMedia, launched such a service. We’ve dubbed it GritoBlast!

Grito, meaning shout, and blast meaning it gets blasted out into cyberspace to the mobiles and desktops of Latinos.

It’s a service found on Twitter. The vision is to let GritoBlast! be the place where news of events, surveys, polls, conferences, contests, special announcements, campaigns, product, artistic and book launches and just about anything else that would benefit Latinos knowing about could be ‘blasted’ out to “Latinos everywhere” — either in English, Spanish or bilingually.

However, in order for GritoBlast! to be this definitive site, we first need people to follow the site on Twitter.

Please consider helping us grow GritoBlast! into a tool that bridges the social media information gap and keeps all Latinos informed in real time about the news we all care about.

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