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Video: 10-year-old inspires everyone to be a “Super Business Girl”

LatinaLista — Her name is Asia Newson and she is only 10-years-old but she is already creating a stir in the Detroit business world, and with TEDx audiences worldwide.

Asia has her own business — Super Business Girl. She sells candles. Nothing quite spectacular about that, school children sell candles every day for fundraisers but Asia’s business isn’t about fundraisers.

“I teach young people like myself how to make their own money and buy the things they really need in their life because they wouldn’t have to ask their parents for anything if they did the same things I do,” Asia told a TEDx audience in Detroit.

After hearing Asia speak for only a few minutes, it quickly becomes apparent that this young entrepreneur understands the art of selling, running a business and motivating others to follow her.

The lessons she unknowingly is sharing with anyone who hears her are just as much lessons of life as they are successful business practices.

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