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Video: Latino artist creates a “written painting for and about the nature of language”

LatinaLista — How does one paint language?

It was a challenge that abstract artist José Parlá gladly accepted when he was commissioned to create a mural for the James B. Hunt Library in Raleigh, North Carolina. The library, at North Carolina State University, is known for integrating the library’s architecture with technology and so a mural that reflected the essence of what defines a library in the 21st Century resulted in Parlá creating the Nature of Language.

Parlá describes the mural as a “written painting for and about the nature of language.” He goes on to say:

“Although illegible at first sight, the juxtaposed characters, gestures, hieroglyphs, and words become readable through feeling, as it is my hope that the work evokes the language of your own inner voice — of your own history. In an era where technology is taking over as the driving force of communication, art reminds us of our roots and our need for face-to-face communication. This Nature is our mirror, as art allows this bridge to be possible through the language of calligraphy, I pay homage to this Nature; to our selves, and the history of languages, which are the mirrors of our present condition.”

In the featured video, follows Parlá as he creates the “Nature of Language” and explains his artistic process from conception to execution and reveals that his painting for the library is not meant to be a silent work of art.

(Featured Photo: José Parlá)

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