April 14, 2021

As I was about to publish today’s The Daily Habit, news came that “Hundreds of companies and executives released a letter on Wednesday condemning legislation that restricts ‘any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.'” Obviously, no one in the corporate world paid attention to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s scolding to stay out of politics. Why? Because it’s dawned on these companies that their business practices must be in step with their clients, and people are increasingly worried about fairness, equal access and long-term impact. Something too many GOP legislators see as obstacles to their political ambitions; A new study finds the disturbing foundation on which the fossil fuel business was built; Biden just made a historic appointment at the US Census Bureau; New Zealand is making a global statement with their new requirement of banks; and Facebook officially launches something people have been doing on the platform all along. Go beyond the headlines…

HUD moves to restore fair housing rules weakened under Trump

Texas nonprofit got massive border contract after hiring Biden official

The Fossil Fuel Business Model Is Built On Harming Black and Brown People, New Report Says

How race-related stress could be driving educators of color away from the job

Biden picks first person of color to head Census fulltime

Once On The Brink Of Eradication, Syphilis is Raging Again

In world first, New Zealand to make banks report climate impact

Facebook Launches New Video Speed Dating App in Latest NPE Experiment

Clowning is serious business for doctor to homeless in Brazil’s ‘crackland’

Mexicans are heading to US again: massive increase in migration recorded

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