April 6, 2021

The business of politics can do a lot of good. It’s the men and women who see themselves as career politicians that can make it a vehicle for obstruction, corruption, oppression and partisanship. Case in point: Republicans have been quick to discredit Biden and his admin of their handling of the immigration surge at the border showcasing the overcrowded conditions. Yet, have conveniently forgotten how hundreds of children were ripped from their parents’ arms and forcibly separated. One former government official puts the whole scenario in proper perspective; Are Latinos still considered a swing vote?; If we want to create a more empathetic world, a new study finds new mothers must do one thing; and There is one country that still has no Covid vaccine but has rising cases and increasing violence. Who will help? Go beyond the headlines…

65 percent say reuniting separated families should be high priority: poll

The New Swing Vote: How the Democratic party keeps getting Latino voters wrong

Former Obama Official On The Surge At The Border: ‘This Is A Refugee Crisis’

AP-NORC poll: Border woes dent Biden approval on immigration

Foreign-born Hispanics at highest risk of dying from COVID-19, by far

New study: Hugging your baby creates a more empathetic adult

New Condenser Makes Water From Air, Even In The Hot Sun

Camera checks pulse and breathing via your face — Try it!

Haiti has no Covid vaccine doses as violence looms larger than pandemic

Covid surge in South America as Brazil variant spreads

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