August 12, 2021

As long as there is discrimination and prejudice, there will be racial disparity. It has been acutely obvious these past 2 years during the pandemic. Now, one clinical psychologist highlights reasons why so many children get suspended from school and how to dig for the ‘root’ causes; Water cuts are starting and the first forced to cut could affect us all; and New interactive world map shows just where extreme weather is getting worse. It begs the question: Is any place on the planet safe? Go beyond the headlines…

‘Alarming’ increase in law enforcement officers killed this year

Officials still looking for parents of 337 separated children, court filing says

The influence of U.S. Black activism in Latin America

Why The New Census Data Won’t Give A Full Picture Of Race And Ethnicity In The U.S.

Millions of kids get suspended or expelled each year – but it doesn’t address the root of the behavior

First water cuts in US West supply to hammer Arizona farmers

New UN interactive map reveals where extreme weather is getting even worse

Virtual Reality Nonprofit Brings Relaxation And Wellness To Its Users

Report claims 31% of Argentina’s young have not completed secondary education

Costa Rica signs law to attract digital nomads

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