August 23, 2021

We start the week off with a continuation of the bad news from last week: Afghanistan, Hurricane Grace, wild fires, water rationing, Tropical Storm Henri, etc. In addition, we hear former Trump administration officials laying the blame for the Afghan crisis of getting visas squarely at the feet of one former colleague, and they’re not mincing words; US Census data reveals just how successful the GOP were in gerrymandering districts to their advantage (or that’s what they think for now); It used to be people of color lagged behind in college degrees, home ownership, Board positions and a new CNBC survey underscore there’s yet another area where minorities are not included as much as they should be; Seems our bodies need this common vitamin more than just in the morning; and Another streaming platform debuts with free content and environmentally focused. Go beyond the headlines…

9 of 10 fastest growing districts repped by Republicans, Census data shows

Biden administration moves to replace Trump public charge rule

Pence aide blames Stephen Miller for ‘devastating’ visa system for Afghans

Making the outdoors safe for people of color

As interest in investing grows, people of color still lag behind, CNBC survey finds

New look at ‘shocking’ study says we need more Vitamin C

Efficient buildings could save thousands of lives in US every year

Free streaming site offers content focused on environment and building community for those who want to help

Cuban doctors voice rare criticism of government’s Covid-19 handling

Brazil city district slipping into sea after river diverted

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