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Crowdfunder: A new kind of female superhero action figure

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Campaign: HeroMe Girl Action Figure Toy

HeroMe Girl is a line of customizable female superhero action figures – with a twist.

HeroMe Girl redefines the role of the female superhero. We know it’s important for girls to be exposed to strong female superheroes, but we also think it’s just as important for boys to have powerful female superheroes as role models too.

HeroMe Girl designs don’t fit the stereotype of traditional female action figures. Rather than curves, skin-baring outfits and sidekick roles, the HeroMe Girl designs showcase strong, happy and confident female superheroes.

These girls are leaders, not just sidekicks, and they’re ready to star in the adventures created by any child.

With HeroMe, the child is in control. It is a toy customized by the child and a story created by the child. No mass-produced toys with a story-line from a movie or comic book. Instead, children are encouraged to be creative and dream up the superhero they want to be.

Using the site’s interactive tool, kids can choose one of five different heads, five different arms and five different legs to customize a HeroMe Girl Action Figure.

All of the figures will have access to the same super-powered arms and legs, and all the figures will have the same red uniforms and accessories.

The campaign’s goal is $25,000 and ends on June 26.

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