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Crowdfunder: Bringing the arts to Amazon’s indigenous youth

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Campaign: TriplicArt – Youth created art in the Amazon

TriplicArt is all about empowering the youth of the Amazon through art, dance and culture. It looks to combine all of these elements and provide a place where the younger generation in two remote indigenous communities in the Amazon can learn new forms of expression while maintaining their cultural identity and traditions.

TriplicArt wants to leave a legacy space for artistic development in these communities and to provide a global platform for their talents to be seen, appreciated, and recognized.

The group of artists will be going to two communities in the Amazon in the beginning of December to run a series of week-long workshops with the children and youth of the community.

Their aim is to incorporate local traditions, styles, and mythology along with their diverse artistic backgrounds to create paintings, photographs, and a choreographed dance routine that will be showcased in a community-wide exhibition and performance at the end of the week.

Supplies are expensive and often times hard to find in these remote areas, so their short-term goal is to be able to leave the communities they visit with enough supplies for them to keep creating and keep the programs running after they leave. Supplies can be anything from paint brushes, paint, canvases, paper, to digital cameras, video recorders, CD players, and instruments.

Their long-term goal is to help nourish the artistic talent in the communities by building a physical space where they can access these resources.

The campaign’s funding goal is $5,000 and ends on November 14.

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