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Crowdfunder: Building prosperity Nicaraguan coffee farmers

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Campaign: Project Alianza: Building prosperity Nicaraguan coffee farmers

Project Alianza will create for coffee farmers access to the knowledge and the resources to maximize the productivity of their land, and the opportunity to partner with ethical buyers so they can turn their efforts into income.

Project organizers want the farmers to reach their own goals: to maintain ownership of their land, educate their children, and control their own futures.

To make this possible, $8500 from this campaign will be directed to build partnerships with farmers and implement the Project Alianza pilot in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

The Alianza Project consists of several objectives:

  • Develop a mobile education program for up to 25 farmers, with a team of agricultural technicians that will visit each individual farm, teaching better ways to plant, tend, and market their coffee.
  • Improve access to farming technologies and promote bio-construction techniques.
  • Establish a sourcing plan with ecologically and socially conscious coffee companies.
  • Gather information and disseminate best practices through networking and round-table discussions.
  • Document stories of farmers through photo essays and short videos.

One hundred percent of the funds raised in the campaign goes directly to the farming partners to support critical programming to change the lives of these farmers.

The campaign’s goal is $8,500 and ends on September 9.

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