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Crowdfunder: Creating a Leadership Academy for underserved high school students

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Campaign: Leadership Academy for Underserved High Schools

The co-founders of Forward Thinking Leadership Academy (FTLA), had each looked back on their own personal struggles with school, poverty, missed chances, and unavailable opportunities due to their family’s socioeconomic status.

Although they’ve come very far, they then imagined how much more successful and driven they and their peers would have been if they had… access to programs to enhance their skills and improve on their weaknesses; trusted mentors who could share their experiences and give sound advice away from standardized tests; resources to help them achieve their next steps and help them decide what path was best for them; and role models to look up to.

That is what they want to give to the current generation of students, and that is how Forward Thinking Leadership Academy was born — A leadership program where students will learn accountability, professionalism, effective communication, the importance of philanthropy, and other vital skills to help achieve whatever their scholastic and career goals may be.

Students will have an opportunity for self-exploration, a chance to fine-tune their strengths while improving on less-experienced areas, and a safe, encouraging environment among peers with similar aspirations.

Although sounding so simple, these basic life skills and the more holistic approach to student learning are routinely forgotten in the current school systems. With most curriculum for underserved areas, material is centered around state tests and not much is actually applicable to the long road of reality.

It is a disservice to students and campaign organizers want to be the game-changing factor that allows students of all socioeconomic backgrounds to stand on their own and be a competitor for college and jobs.

With FTLA, there will be programs implemented onto school campuses for accessibility and ease, and with it, members will have teachers, workshops, tools, and most importantly, information. They will all become leaders with guidance, hands-on projects, volunteer work, and a strong support system among their peers.

Current fundraising efforts aim to fully fund the program for 4 San Diego high schools and the money would go towards: teaching materials, speakers, teachers, transportation for field trips, uniforms, a location for conference events, etc.

Equal education is a right, not a privilege.

The campaign’s goal is $125,000.

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