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Crowdfunder: Creating awareness of Colorado River’s water quality with camera-less photos

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Campaign: Water Flow: Under the Colorado River

Water Flow: Under the Colorado River, captures the essence of water from below the surface on one of the most important rivers in the United States.

The concept of water quality in the Southwestern United States, and the inherent alchemy that occurs as a result of it, are the foundation of videographer Kathleen Velo’s current work.

The Colorado River is a direct water source of her most recent work. To make the camera-less photographic images, Velo goes into the water, long after dark, and submerges color photographic paper. At the right moment, the paper is briefly exposed to a light source while underwater, to create a “photogram” of the water contents and movement.

The alchemy of photographic emulsion combined with the minerals, salts, pollutants, and other elements in the water create a unique documentation of water contents.

This rare perspective of under the surface of water creates beautiful and poetic meditations on water, as the force of life and also reveals a disturbing change.

During this project she learned more about the Colorado River. For example:

The Colorado River is the major water source for millions of people in the Western and Southwestern U.S. including L.A., Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson and Denver.

It is truly a river in crisis, and is “sick” from an environmental perspective.

Many experts predict the Colorado River will not be able to support the current consumption levels beyond 2050.

Velo’s project takes an artistic approach to raising awareness about the Colorado River and the quality of the water.

The campaign’s goal is $12,000 and ends on March 24.

Featured Photo by Kathleen Velo.

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