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Crowdfunder: Creating a global campaign to Save the Ocean

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Campaign: Ignite a global campaign to fix the ocean

The ocean makes 70% of the air we breathe, and the clouds that give us fresh water to drink. The ocean stabilizes our climate, and supports the life of every living thing on Earth.

Over 1.2 billion people around the world rely on the ocean for their daily source of protein.

Today our ocean is sick. Its most productive ecosystems are dying, its coastlines and beaches are being destroyed, and its waters are polluted.

Plastic waste clogs the worlds 5 gyres with an estimated 40 million tons in the Pacific alone. In the last 100 years – and especially the last 50 – we’ve lost 90% of the big fish and half the coral reefs.

Sea floors look like war zones, and there are dead zones – vast swaths of ocean that can no longer support life – spreading throughout the marine realm.

While the ocean makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface, today a mere 2.8% is under any form of protection. Only a handful of people around the world are aware that the ocean, our life support system, is in big trouble.

There is hope. We can fix it. Today we possess the scientific ingenuity and expertise to restore fisheries, and to clean up pollution.

We also have the ability to engage global audiences on a vast scale to create markets for alternative products, spark innovation and raise huge sums of money for the ocean.

Right now we are at a sweet spot in time. What happens in the next 10 years is more vital to the next 10,000 than at any other point in our history.

The Ocean Campaign is a global movement supported by a new generation of passionate individuals, world renowned scientists, and ocean experts who have banded together in order to protect our greatest resource, the ocean.

Work is underway to launch in May 2015 a global brand, building a powerful digital platform, activating sponsors and partners, and creating an engaging public relations strategy to enable the launch and building of the movement and make a huge impact for the ocean.

Fundraising goal is $250,000 and ends on February 2, 2015.

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