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Crowdfunder: Curbbed – a safe place for Students to buy & sell

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Campaign: Curbbed – a safe place for Students to buy & sell

At the end of each semester, many students are found with items that no longer have any use to them. Normally, as anyone who has driven on a college campus at the end of the semester notices, these items are placed on the curb in hopes someone will give them a home.

“Curbbed” is an online buy/sell community for college students that can be utilized across the nation for any university in any city. Curbbed is designed by students, for students and is focused on ensuring the safety of all Curbbed users.

This community allows its users to upload furniture, textbooks, electronics, etc. to a profile that is tied to the university they are attending or surrounding schools and “Curb it.”

Potential buyers can then search by the university they are attending, or will be attending, and see which items are for sale near campus as well as surrounding universities depending on the mile radius the user wants to view.

The most important aspect of this community is that it’s not like other ‘open’ buy/sell websites because only users with a .edu email address are permitted to use the website.

All communication is tracked, using a keyword tracker in all of the messages, that will flag anything inappropriate and send it to a queue for approval to be sent to the user.

There is a ‘no tolerance’ policy for anything inappropriate. The creators of the platform want this to be a safe and comfortable place for students.

One of the largest benefits to this community is the ability for a student to list and sell their textbooks at the price that they think is fair.

Every year, students with no money are forced to buy expensive text books, use them for a couple of months and then sell that same exact book back to the store for next to nothing.

At Curbbed, a student can post their text book, make a price and someone taking that course next semester can purchase it!

The campaign’s goal is $33,000 and ends on November 17.

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