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Crowdfunder: Empower Nicaraguan kids through sport!

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Campaign: Empower Nicaraguan kids through sport!

The Nicaraguan government does not have the economic funds to support and enhance rural communities. As part of the second poorest country in the Americas, rural Nicaraguan communities, like Pacayita, need help from the bottom up to build a positive future. Sports can empower the kids to grasp future opportunities.

Sports can be the catalyst for development and hope towards a better future for these kids. The goal of the campaign is to give the children of Pacayita wider access to sports by building a new community sports hub.

The sports hub consists of a field, a stage and an area for activities. When finished, the field will accomplish powerful objectives:

It will ensure proper facilities for physical education.
It will allow the kids to exercise and have fun at the same time before and after class.
It will make the school able to participate in local competitions and spark a new sport culture.
It will be a testament for the community to be proud of.

Being physically active gives life long benefits in health, education and general happiness.

The campaign’s goal is $10,000 and ends in 28 days.

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