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Crowdfunder: Fighting online harassment with HeartMob

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Campaign: HeartMob

According to a Pew Research Center survey from late last year, 40% of people have been harassed online, and 73% of people have witnessed someone else being harassed online.

Among people between the ages of 18 and 29, this figure jumps up to 92%. For too long, many people have left online spaces because they feel unsafe or unsupported.

For too long, too many have sat back and watched, unsure how to ask for help or how to provide support and resources.

HeartMob, created by Hollaback!, provides a system of supporters and a user-driven set of actions anyone can take to lend a helping hand immediately.

HeartMob can change the internet, making sure everyone feels safe, supported, and empowered online.

HeartMob allows users to easily report their harassment and maintain complete control over their story. Once reported, users will have the option of keeping their report private and cataloguing it in case it escalates, or they can make the report public. If they choose to make it public, they will be able to choose from a menu of options on how they want bystanders to support them, take action, or intervene.

They will also be given extensive resources including: safety planning, materials on how to differentiate an empty threat from a real threat, online harassment laws and details on how to report their harassment to authorities (if requested), and referrals to other organizations that can provide counseling and legal services.

Bystanders looking to provide support will receive public requests, along with chosen actions of support.

Anyone can “have someone’s back” and know that they’re helping them out in a time of need while directly contributing to safer spaces online.

HeartMob staff will review all messages and reports to ensure the platform remains safe and supportive.

With fifteen days left in the campaign, HeartMob has already reached its goal of $10,000 but additional money can always be put to good use.

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