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Crowdfunder: First farm of its kind in Colombia!

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Campaign: Granja Colombiahomestays

Granja Colombiahomestays is an exciting social and ecological project located in Santa Elena, Medellin.

Operating primarily as a small farm, they also invite a wide range of people to stay, visit and help for various periods of time. Their guests help fund their program to reach their goal of becoming 100% self-sufficient through permaculture, alternative energy and trade within the community of Santa Elena.

The farm produces organic eggs, fertilizers, California Red Worms, various herbs, seedlings, lulu fruit and vegetables such as beans and onions. They also raise free-range chickens, and make self-care products with ingredients from their plants.

The program offers a viable alternative to Medellin youth who are at risk in a city with a reputation for drugs and violence.

Since the program started they have had visitors from over 25 different countries. By integrating travelers with Colombians, cultural exchanges are facilitated that lead to connections, ideas, hands-on learning, relationships and cooperation – impactful encounters for local youth considering their future.

Currently, they are in a transition period. They previously rented a piece of land that the owner decided to sell. So now they are crowdfunding to continue their project.

Organizers would like to implement their program on a much larger scale by buying 2 hectares of land in Santa Elena with running water and an abundance of timber.

After the purchase, the plan would be to build an extensive new farm, which would be the first of its kind in Colombia. The land will cost 120 million COP (approximately $60,000 USD).

The campaign’s goal is $8,000 and ends on January 23.

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