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Crowdfunder: Helping students weed out sweatshop conditions in farm fields attend 2015 Encuentro

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Campaign: 2015 Student Farmworker Alliance Encuentro

The Student/Farmworker Alliance (SFA) is a national network of students and young people organizing with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to eliminate sweatshop conditions in the fields and build a food system based on justice and dignity for farmworkers.

Since 2000, SFA has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with farmworkers who are leading – and winning – their own struggle for systemic change in the U.S. agricultural industry. This September, they’re continuing the decade-long Encuentro tradition by bringing together brilliant SFAers – past, present and future – to lay down some solid groundwork for the upcoming year.

Activities at this year’s events include:

  • Launching back-to-school escalation plans around the Wendy’s student boycott
  • Strategizing new ways to continue building the Publix campaign
  • Building strength and solidarity across grassroots movements for justice
  • Sustaining the future of SFA’s organizing through skill-building workshops and other tools for leadership development

Each year, students and young people from every corner of the Fair Food Nation come to Immokalee for a weekend of creativity, strategizing, skill-building and reflection in solidarity with farmworkers.

SFA dedicates itself to providing this opportunity to anyone who desires to become part of their vibrant and diverse network. That’s why they’re raising funds for travel scholarships to make this gathering as accessible as possible.

Donations will go a long way in supporting the students and youth traveling thousands of miles to be part of the #2015Encuentro. Financial support for this gathering is being drawn from a variety of fundraising efforts. For example, all participants are encouraged to get creative in raising the funds necessary for their own journeys to the Encuentro.

The campaign’s goal is $2,000.

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