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Crowdfunder: Mayan-made loafers share Guatemala’s culture and history with the world

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Campaign: Ichor SS

Guatemala’s distinctive textiles are recognized the world over. Ever since Juan Fernando Tschen was a child in Guatemala, the textiles and products made in the country amazed him and he wondered why these art forms were unknown outside the country.

He saw Guatemalan textiles as infused with history, care and tradition. Vibrant colors, fabrics made with care and dedication that inspire the top of the line quality, creative and unique designs of the textiles.

Juan Fernando started Ichor SS because he was fascinated by the care and tradition that went into these textiles and wanted to share them with the world in unique loafers.


Ichor SS is seeking capital from Kickstarter to market and launch their Guatemalan loafers to share with the world a sample of Guatemala’s culture and history.

They use 100% cotton textiles, completely hand-woven on a traditional treadle loom; not in factories, but in the homes of Maya families in the highlands of Guatemala. Thus, the fabric comes directly from the Guatemalan cottage industry.

Ichor SS works with the textile artisans and shoe maker experts to create a unique, high-quality, fashionable shoe embedded with Guatemala’s culture and heritage. Every shoe is handmade to order, so they can guarantee that it is perfect and that extra attention has been given to the details.

Buyers get a durable, fashionable and unique shoe with a Guatemalan heritage that uses only the finest and best textiles.

The shoes, for both men and women, can be worn everywhere and at any time – they transition easily from informal gatherings to formal events and back.

The campaign’s goal is $3,000.

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