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Crowdfunder: Racing against “TIME” to save global biodiversity

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Campaign: This is My Earth

A group of environmentalists, scientists and leaders from various countries and continents around the world have spent their lives working to protect nature and the environment on the planet.

They are deeply concerned by the inability of existing actions and organizations to halt the sharp decline in global biodiversity.

Their goal is to significantly broaden international participation in protecting lands located in the most precious biodiversity hot spots on earth.

How will they do it?

They have launched an internet tool (TIME, that will enable every person on the planet to personally participate in conservation action by purchasing land in biodiversity hot spots.

Most of the world’s hotspots are in poor countries. After TIME becomes established, they will offer members the opportunity to fund the membership of citizens from low-income countries.

Later, supporters will have the opportunity to provide isolated communities with the needed technological infrastructure, to assist them in joining this global venture.

A prototype of the website is already live.

The campaign’s goal is $25,000 and ends in 34 days.

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