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Crowdfunder: Spreading the joy of reading among Bolivia’s poor

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Campaign: BiblioWorks’ Fourth Annual Festival of Reading

BiblioWorks promotes education and literacy in communities in need. Not only have they established 12 libraries in rural communities around Sucre, Bolivia, but BiblioWorks is committed to raising the profile of reading throughout the region.

Having successfully brought reading to over 2,000 people in Sucre in 2014, they would like to build upon this success and host their biggest reading festival yet – the BiblioWorks’ Fourth Annual Festival of Reading.

The festival accomplishes several goals:

  • Improves access to literacy and reading in Sucre for thousands of people living across the city.
  • Raises the profile of education and reading in Chuquisaca and makes it a staple feature of every-day life.
  • Opens new doors for children and their families futures’ through literacy and reading.

With the tagline, “We’ll use every trick in the book to fight poverty in Bolivia, including this one,” BiblioWorks’ campaign goal of $2500 will be used to buy books to give to the children free of charge; buy educational materials for innovative literacy activities for both children and adults; hire two buses to pick up and take children and their families from throughout the region to the reading festival; and create promotional materials advertising the importance of literacy.

The campaign ends on March 27.

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