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Crowdfunder: Teaching homeless youth a business to keep them off the streets

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Campaign: 8 West – Ending Youth Homelessness


In San Diego, California, there are more than 3,000 homeless youth living and sleeping on the streets. Many arrive from all over the United States. 8 West, a transitional employment + supportive housing program, has been working at forging relationships with individuals in the homeless community since 2008.

They understand the outlook of the homeless youth they work with every week. The youth feel abandoned. Forgotten. Discarded by the world. And for far too many, the chance to redeem themselves and re-join a community filled with hope seems like an unobtainable goal. Unfortunately, successfully transitioning off the streets is no small feat for these young people.

With their #handup approach in their "homeless to hopeful" model, they provide jobs, safe housing and social, health and educational support for homeless youth who are ready to change their lives for the better – forever.

8 West is a business venture that teaches homeless youth how to create a premium bar soap made entirely of the highest grades of oils and butters, always all natural and always great for the skin.

8 West artisans produce the highest-quality handcrafted soap found on the market. 

To expand the scale, scope and impact of their program, 8 West has launched an intensive, six month capital campaign to raise $500,000.

Every dollar committed to 8 West results in more jobs, more housing and more opportunity for homeless youth living on the streets. 8 West's mission is to make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in ending youth homeless whether they exceed their capital goal, meet it, or fall short. They're all-in on making this happen.

Their goal is to successfully graduate over 100 homeless youth through their 18-month transitional program by 2020. The tangible impact of the program is seeing self-sufficient graduates go on to employment and housing opportunities that leverage their interests and skills.

8 West is a game-changer that welcomes involvement in helping those most in need.



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