December 18, 2019

Today, be a witness to history and watch the House as they vote on impeachment against Trump. The Senate may not support their colleagues but the people can show we do! There’s good news for Latinos in 2020 – we will be the largest minority in the electorate. At at time, when Trump and his administration have used Latinos as their punching bag — look at what Trump did to Puerto Ricans as part of the recently passed budget bill – we wield significant voting power. Will we rise to defend the future of this country and the future of all immigrants?; In 1921, a horrendous injustice was committed against Blacks in Tulsa, OK. Now, archeologists have found the horrifying evidence; This lake in South America has been crowned the ‘lightening capital of the world.’ Go beyond the headlines…

What to expect from House impeachment vote

For the first time in history, Latinos will be largest minority in 2020 electorate

Trump slashed Puerto Rico’s Medicaid money as part of budget deal

Volunteers battle health crisis of asylum seekers in Mexico

Archeologists Have Located a Possible Mass Grave Associated With The 1921 Tulsa Race Riots. Here’s What To Know

A sacred light in the darkness: Winter solstice illuminations at Spanish missions

November 2019 Was 2nd Hottest on Record for the Planet

New app could give teachers power to teach while students are on phones

Why Dengue Fever Cases Are Hitting Record Highs In Latin America

Lake in South America is the ‘lightning capital of the world’

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