December 2, 2022

Indigenous roots are a part of (many) Latinos’ DNA. However, over time, family knowledge of what exactly those roots are has disappeared. Now, there’s a national campaign that wants to resurrect that history for Latino families; It’s an understatement to say that the Russian invasion in the Ukraine has levied a heavy toll on Ukrainians. The exact number is staggering; Why DHS is bracing for a migrant surge this month; What does the future look like? For many children of color, it’s one that they can’t envision themselves in because the instruments that spark that imagination to think about the future don’t include them; and An app created by a guy for his girlfriend has ‘locked’ up the competition. Go beyond the headlines…

Campaign aims to explore Latinos’ Indigenous roots

Official says over 10,000 Ukrainian troops killed in war

Daily border crossings have stayed near record highs, and the end of a Covid ban this month could mean a new surge

In college admissions, ‘test-optional’ is the new normal

Sci-fi books for young readers often omit children of color from the future

What we know about the deadliest U.S. bird flu outbreak in history

Subjective Cognitive Decline Linked To Higher Dementia Risk For Black, Latino People

How Locket, a widget built by a guy as a gift to his girlfriend became an Apple App Store Award winner

After 4 years as president, poll shows Mexico’s AMLO’s approval starting to dip

Lagoon dries up as drought grips Peru’s southern Andes

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