December 22, 2021

As the countdown continues towards the global celebration of the infant’s birth, it’s ironic that the US just achieved a disappointing milestone since our nation’s founding, according to the US Census; The Latino population is gaining a foothold in numbers, just not political clout — and the GOP ‘gerrymandered’ it that way; Could a real Jurassic Park scenario be on the horizon with the latest amazing discovery?; and Smart tech can ‘spin’ improvements over old tech; and Latest stats show Mexico struggles with migrants crossing their own southern border. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. population growth in 2021 slowest since nation’s founding

Hispanic Dems aim to expand footprint beyond traditional Latino districts

Exclusive poll: The wall divides Latino Americans

US Homeland Security agents to test use of body cameras

Latino Population Booms Everywhere—Except on Voting Maps

Impeccably preserved dinosaur embryo looks as if it ‘died yesterday’

Smart tech gives a new spin on the classic wheelchair

Urban Mind app shows enjoying nature can reduce city loneliness

4,000 migrants cross Mexico’s southern border every day

A tax man went after Guatemala’s elites. Then they hit back.

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