December 26, 2023

We’ve been raised on the nationalistic ideal that the United States is the greatest country on the planet. Our excellence in science and innovation, enforcement of democratic principles, equal opportunity economy and ‘unmatched’ quality of life have always served as the hallmarks of a beacon for migrants. Why else would masses of migrants continue to make a dangerous trek towards a country they think holds their salvation? That’s why when we read the headline that the Taliban is forcing Afghan schoolgirls to quit school after the sixth grade, we are disgusted, shocked and repulsed. Yet, when we hear that a Ohio grand jury is actually deciding on whether or not to charge a woman for a miscarriage, accusing her of an ‘abuse of a corpse,’ the same repulsion directed at the Taliban is nowhere to be found among our political leaders or amplified by the media. The hypocrisy of such a stand is a gross understatement but to watch this happening in the so-called ‘land of hope’ defies belief in what we (used) to stand for as a country and people; While some economists still think 2024 is the year of the greatest crash since 1929, others are more optimistic; Successfully growing crops depends on two factors: soil and water. With droughts plaguing much of the crop-growing regions of the US, battling Mother Nature can seem like a losing battle but researchers have found one way to bypass nature’s elements to yield better crops; and Regardless of what happens in 2024 with the economy, we all need help with our budgets. Check out this Nerdwallet list of the best budget apps to start the new year. Go beyond the headlines…

Study seems to confirm secret ingredient for better coffee

Afghan schoolgirls are finishing 6th grade in tears. Under Taliban rule, their education is over.

Ohio grand jury to decide whether to charge woman who miscarried for ‘abuse of a corpse’

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Girl Scouts troop for migrant children

Researchers develop ‘electronic soil’ that enhances crop growth

Archaeologists Found 2,000-Year-Old Lesson on Sea Level Changes Destroying Societies

The Best Budget Apps for 2024

Mexico is now the 12th largest economy in the world

ESO telescope: The world’s largest optical telescope takes shape in Chile

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