December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas! While this is a day universally celebrated for peace, love and being with family, the sad fact is that in too many pockets of the world none of this exists. We first saw it in Ukraine, now Gaza and Israel — and those are just the conflicts that have garnered global media attention. There are countless other examples, flying under the radar, where men, women and children are either being tortured, abused, separated from family, living in abject poverty, etc. Isn’t it time, we adopt the mindset we usually reserve for the Christmas season to practice it all year long?; If getting up early on Christmas Day is routine for you — much earlier if you have excited Santa-believers — then know you already have an edge when it comes to your heart health; Evolution. It’s not something we think happens to anything other than animals in Mother Nature or the planet itself. Yet, the human species is part of the animal kingdom and scientists say we are still evolving, ‘faster than ever;’ and El Salvador is ready to grant citizenship status to a special demographic. Go beyond the headlines…

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Are Humans Still Evolving? ‘Maybe More Rapidly Than Ever,’ Says Scientist

Scientists find new way to desalinate seawater using solar power, study says

New AI model can predict human lifespan, researchers say. They want to make sure it’s used for good

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El Salvador offers citizenship to foreign bitcoin investors

Mexico’s president is willing to help with border migrant crush but wants US to open talks with Cuba

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