December 4, 2019

Today is the first day of the impeachment hearings for Trump. While many of us may not be able to watch it, we should all reinforce the importance and seriousness of the hearings by supporting the need for it and encouraging others to believe in its validity and not succumb to the President and his allies’ contentions that it’s otherwise.

In other news, a new AP report shows new developments happening in the criminal justice system; Latin American governments wary of the latest US offer of help; DHS wants all citizens to do this before they board their next flight; and Is it any wonder that Mexico rejected the latest US trade proposal? Go beyond the headlines…

Watch Live: The Trump Impeachment Hearings – House Judiciary Committee – Day 1

Trump abused power of presidency, Dems conclude in impeachment report

Report: Racial divide shrinks in US criminal justice system

US will help ‘prevent Latin America protests from becoming riots’

Lawmakers press for ICE reforms after fake school report

Department of Homeland Security May Require U.S. Citizens to Be Photographed at Airports

State-by-State: Income families need to avoid poverty

2010s hottest decade in history, UN says as emissions rise again

New Navigation App Pulls Out All The Stops

Mexico rejects US proposal for labor inspections measure in trade deal

Costa Rica reforms laws to ‘pay off a historic debt’ to protect rights of those with HIV/AIDS

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