December 7, 2021

Conservative congressmen fought to have the provision in the defense bill requiring women to be drafted in the military removed — and they won. Though feelings are mixed on the issue, never mind women already serve, it does show a trend among the GOP of how women are viewed: not equal and not capable of making our own decisions in life or health; NYC is poised to grant noncitizens a big ‘right’; New research shows nada has changed for Black and Latino men when it comes to contracting HIV; What does salmon have to do with eco-friendly plastic?; and Guess who won the title of having the best cookbook in the world? Go beyond the headlines…

Lawmakers drop proposal to add women to the draft as defense bill headaches mount

ICE doctor may have performed unwanted hysterectomies to defraud DHS

DOJ cites discrimination in lawsuit against Texas over voting districts

New York City poised to give voting rights to noncitizens

The NIH director on why Americans aren’t getting healthier, despite medical advances

Despite interventions, Black and Hispanic men are contracting HIV at the same rates as 10 years ago

Scientists Made an Eco-Friendly Plastic Using DNA From Salmon Sperm

AI art app is a glimpse at the future of synthetic media

Mexico’s indigenous women lament lack of support: ‘We were better off with Peña Nieto’

Colombian family win award for world’s best cookbook

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