February 21, 2024

I have long been a proponent of diversifying clinical trials. If ever it was imperative that DEI was practiced, it’s with testing new pharmaceuticals, treatments, etc. on a wide array of people. How else do we know how drugs interact with women vs. men, Caucasians vs. People-of-Color? Physically, we know people are different. The fact that medicines/treatments would affect people differently has been lagging, if not dismissed by researchers for years. Not anymore. A new survey to chronicle human diversity just yielded its first results, and the findings are amazing — and sad that it took this long to do it. Can’t help but wonder how many lives have been lost because no one cared before; Strange story from Russia just surfacing. It seems Russian intelligence intercepted phone calls from ‘prominent’ US citizens staying in a Russian hotel. The phone calls, not sure to whom, were attempts to influence the 2024 US election. It’s been alluded that some of these US citizens may be in Congress; There may be an affordable housing crisis but it’s not holding back Latinos and Asian-Americans from becoming homeowners; and Reading scores are dismal among Latino children in the US and Mexico’s elementary school-age population. A Harvard grad wanted to do something about it. So, she created an international bilingual reading contest that hopes to motivate and inspire children on both sides of the border to read more. Go beyond the headlines…

Ambitious survey of human diversity yields millions of undiscovered genetic variants

Ukraine outnumbered, outgunned, ground down by relentless Russia

Russia Intercepts U.S. Phone Calls in Bid to Influence 2024 Election

Real estate surprise: Latinos, Asian Americans see biggest homeownership gains

Report: Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2023

Fiber optic cables can detect tsunamis early

Use of decimal point is 1.5 centuries older than historians thought

New app helps you find LGBTQ-owned businesses and community around the world

Mexico vs US tournament aims to promote more reading in Hispanic communities

Costa Rica Braces for Heatwave: UV Radiation to Peak in Coming Months

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