February 23, 2023

A new AP analysis found a common profile among mass killers and what triggers them; Many political leaders predict the Ukrainian offensive against Russia will go on for years. It’s hard to imagine that scenario since no country will send troops to replenish the brave Ukrainian soldiers who are dying defending their homeland and their numbers are finite, compared to Russia’s. When will it be time to say hell with Putin and put an end to this invasion once and for all?; More and more school boards, city councils and state legislatures are being taken over by the ‘far Right.’ The repercussions of this shift in power has dire consequences for democratic-loving citizens; Could more colleges be on the brink of closure?; and Cranial surgery didn’t just start in modern times. Archeologists found evidence of this ‘head-blowing’ procedure back at a time when everyone thought it was an impossibility. Go beyond the headlines…

US mass killings linked to extremism spiked over last decade

What to expect in the second year of the Russia-Ukraine war

What It Looks Like When the Far Right Takes Control of Local Government

‘Stubborn’ food inflation leaves U.S. shoppers with slim appetite for other goods

More colleges set to close even as top schools experience application boom

The James Webb Space Telescope discovers enormous distant galaxies that should not exist

Clues to Bronze Age cranial surgery revealed in ancient bones

Owner of TikTok launches new app that’ll pay you to post

English stand-up in Mexico a growing niche over last decade

‘An everyday thing’: a fatal beating reveals Argentina’s racist bias

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