January 12, 2021

Trump has but a few days left in his unforgettable tenure as president. So, it makes sense that he would mark the end with a visit to one of his few ‘successful’ objectives — the border wall. When you think about it, his success in building the wall, a physical barrier, corresponds with the emotional and mental barriers he also successfully had a hand in building to divide the country. A crisis of his own making has led to him declaring something that the Mayor of DC is actually thankful for; Why do some think the attack on the Capitol was an inside job?; The US just did this to Cuba that many are calling foul ball; and CES 2021 is underway virtually and showcasing hope for a tech-enhanced future. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump declares state of emergency in D.C. ahead of inauguration

White women fight for Trump alongside far-right extremists

Some members of Congress fear the Capitol mob attack was an inside job

The US economic recovery is skipping Black and Hispanic women

Trump heads to Texas border in final days to showcase wall

U.S. Puts Cuba Back On List Of State Sponsors of Terrorism

‘Coyote’ wants to break down U.S.-Mexico border stereotypes, says actor Michael Chiklis

Study: Wildfires produced up to half of pollution in US West

For The First Time, Astronomers May Have Heard The Background ‘Hum’ of The Universe

CES 2021: Rollable phones, coronavirus killers, and all the cool new gadgets

A Virologist Helps Keep Uruguay Safe from COVID with a Homegrown Test

Bolivia’s ‘Micro Gallery’ on Wheels Brings Art to the People

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