January 15, 2020

In another blow to our national safety when it comes to our own environment, the Trump administration has big plans for our water supply – and it’s not good; Scientists say Puerto Rico has this to look forward to in the coming days and weeks; In another sign that racism is institutionalized in our country, we need only look to one of the biggest institutions in the country; and Researchers are puzzled as to why this one town south of our border has the highest rate of kidney disease in the world. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump set to gut water protections

Appropriators fume over reports of Trump plan to reprogram $7.2 billion for wall

Earthquake forecast for Puerto Rico: Dozens more large aftershocks are likely

Racist Housing Practices From The 1930s Linked To Hotter Neighborhoods Today

Minorities spend more on banking fees than white people, survey says

La Pelona: The Hispanic-American Flapper

McDonald’s to give up to $100K in scholarships to help Hispanic-American high school seniors

New app connects foodies with home-cooked meals

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon in 2019 was 85 percent greater than in 2018

This Jalisco community has highest rate of kidney disease in the world

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