January 22, 2020

Can this administration and its allies go any lower? Evidently, yes. In addition to watching the GOP deny the nation’s quest for accountability and challenge of wrongdoing in this administration, we now find that the Trump administration authorized a lowering of standards in yet another area of national interest; Also, Trump admin is putting out this message to pregnant foreign travelers to the US; Youtube isn’t all cute cat videos. They’re also behind this dangerous dissemination; and Have dreams of being a scientist but think it’s too late? Now, there’s an app that turns anyone into a citizen scientist. Go beyond the headlines…

ICE Quietly Lowers (Already Low) Standards at Some Immigrant Detention Facilities

Pregnant Travelers Would Have A Harder Time Getting US Tourist Visas Under A Trump Administration Plan

Parent engagement, bilingual education and immigrant friendly schools are crucial to student success in LA, where 60% of children have at least one immigrant parent, new report finds

Mexico is cracking down on another US-bound migrant caravan

America’s hardest places to grow up

YouTube Has Been ‘Actively Promoting’ Videos Spreading Climate Denialism, According to New Report

US is polarizing faster than other democracies, study finds

New mobile app gives anyone the tools to be a citizen scientist

Around-The-World Voyage Aims For Cleaner Oceans

President Alvarado asks U.S. Secretary of State to review Costa Rica travel advisory, FAA certification

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