January 3, 2022

Feliz Año Nuevo!! A new year signals new starts, whatever our resolutions, goals and hopes are. Among those new goals could be the traditional exercise intentions or protesting any of the new (oppressive) laws that are now in effect across the US; It was revealed Twitter permanently banned House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account for continuing to spread misinformation about Covid. Her and others’ obsession with Trump have 6 in 10 Americans worried about the future of the country, according to a new poll; Effective January 1, a massive library of sound recordings is now in the public domain. Everything from Winnie the Pooh to Ernest Hemingway; and Discover the 15 best journaling apps for 2022. Go beyond the headlines…

New laws take effect across US on abortion, policing, taxes

6 in 10 Americans say U.S. democracy is in crisis as the ‘big lie’ takes root

[Out of Tune]: Bad Bunny Concert Kicks Off Brutal Puerto Rico COVID Surge

Extreme weather could get even worse in 2022

Medicare data spotlight deadly impact of COVID-19 on Hispanics

New science shows how exercise affects nearly every cell in the body

Massive Library of Sound Recordings Will Enter the Public Domain on January 1

15 Best Journaling Apps To Start The New Year With More Mindfulness

Mexico-made video game wins international competition

House of healing: the Honduran sanctuary for female rights defenders

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