July 2, 2021

It’s an understatement to say that politics has driven a wedge in Mexico-US relations. Now, it’s Mother Nature’s turn; The GOP seems to thrive on manufactured anger and threats and their latest battle cry, they hope, carries them through to the next election; The Supreme Court shocked many with their ruling on Arizona’s voting access but none more so than Native Americans; The media still suffers from lack of diversity, especially among these columnists; Facebook is asking for help to out your friends who do this – and that’s a good thing; and A new Google app may finally put order to something every person needs help with. Go beyond the headlines…

‘Megadrought’ along border strains US-Mexico water relations

Republicans Are Weaponizing Critical Race Theory To Win Back The House In 2022

Tribes say voting access hurt by US Supreme Court ruling

Hospitals Have Started Posting Their Prices Online. Here’s What They Reveal

Who gets to be an (arts) critic? Lack of diversity among critics hurts movies, TV, music and more

A Double Header for Béisbol Lovers

US plans to make airlines refund fees if bags are delayed

Is your friend an extremist? Facebook is asking some users about exposure to content.

Spanish couple develop high-tech specs to help son see

Leaked Google app wants to help people manage personal medical records

Latino lawmakers draw attention to Nicaragua, Colombia

Worst June for Brazil Amazon forest fires since 2007: data

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